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My life is crazy.

I keep meaning to update you all on what's going on and how life is, but I forget. When I remember, it's usually at 2 am after I've finished with homework for the night and am so completely exhausted, all I think about writing is about how stressed out and hard my life is.

It is hard, but I manage.

I'm finished with my 3rd quarter. I'm finished with my internship at Kellwood. I'm finished with my Spring break. And I'm about to begin my 4th and last quarter at FIDM. It's bittersweet and overwhelming at the same time. I am so completely excited to finish and explore new opportunities and finally put on my big girl pants and start this career. I am so terrified and exhilarated all at once.

I'm sorry, this is about as much as I can do. I got about half-way into this post and I just can't write about what I'm feeling.

Will post more soon.


3rd Beginning

Today is my last day to laze around before the madness of my 3rd quarter begins. I took a day trip to the ocean side the other day and I was loving every minute of it. 

This quarter will bring a lot of fun and tons of learning. I will be starting my first design internship at Kellwood Company, which I am so completely thrilled about. I can't say much about this quarter, but I'm definitely open to everything that comes my way. 

Here's to embracing the new year and all the challenges it brings! 


Since grades are all posted and I don't have to constantly obsess over my final grades, I can now relax and feel confident in showing you guys what kind of work I do at school!

There's only so much I can show you since some of my classes are hands-on, like Apparel Process, so I'll stick to showing you some examples of the work I've done for a couple of my computer-based courses.